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Sim Woud


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Roland van Sonsbeek

purchase manager

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Hèlen Kiljan

sales manager NL

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Danny Boekholt

account manager NL

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Tamara Kemperman

account manager NL'

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Mike Eman

account manager NL

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Chloë Haring


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Thea van Andel


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Ronald Vervat

project sales

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Terry Renneke

project sales

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Wesley van Rijn

product manager

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Raquel Freire Westra

Inside sales

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André Roodenburg

Financial manager

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Ilona van der Linden


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Marcel Vervat


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Gert-Jan Toonen

operational manager

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Henk van Zanten

production manager

In the workplace, you as a customer, will get in contact with the people above, but often that does not mean that they aren’t supported by a team of hard working staff who make sure that all parts get manufactured, packaged and shipped. Without these people Robot would not exist.