LK Basic: Room Control system for projects

In addition to the luxury Robot RCE room control system Robot also offers this room control system for projects, with an exclusive and timeless design. The LK Basic room control system consists of a receiver which can connect up to 8 room thermostats (wired). The receiver is equipped with a built-in transformer 230 / 24V AC 40VA. Up to 12 actuators 24V can be connected. Furthermore, the receiver is equipped with a potential-free relay for controlling the pump. A 24-hour program for controlling the pump and actuators is cleverly integrated into the receiver.

The LK Basic thermostat features

  • Timeless & amp; exclusive design
  • Easy installation
  • 8 room thermostats can be connected via wire
  • Built-in 230 / 24V AC 40VA transformer
  • Connect upto 12 actuators 24V
  • Uses smart 24-hour program (present in receiver)

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