Watts BT Serie

These new series are compact and the programming is much easier. The room thermostats have a clear display and are available in RF or wired.

Watts Industries BT room thermostats

  • thermostats with lcd-display
  • soft-touch controls buttons
  • available in  RF (868 MHz) or wired
  • weekly program
  • holiday function
  • user friendly programming/control


Watts Industries BT master/slave units

  • simple 6 channel masterunit
  • extension module 4 channel or 6 channel slave-unit available


Interested in the Watts BT Serie?

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Art.no. Description Product group
600860 Watts BT manual room thermostat (wired) 2
600865 Watts BT LCD room thermostat with LCD panel (wired) 2
600870 Watts BT timer thermostat (wired) 2
600920 Watts slave 4-channel BT serie (RF) 2
600915 Watts master 6-channel BT serie (RF) 2
600925 Watts slave 6-channel BT serie (RF) 2
600950 Watts receiver 1-channel BT eerie potential-free (RF) 2
600960 Watts BT RF manual room thermostat (RF) 2
600965 Watts BT LCD RF room thermostat with LCD panel (RF) 2
600970 Watts BT RF timer thermostat (RF) 2
601510 Robot Thermal Actuators 24V 2
601520 Robot Thermal Actuators 230V 2